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Seven Days, July 13, by Seven Days – Issuu.Microsoft Software, Microsoft Software for PC in Dehradun, माइक्रोसॉफ्ट सॉफ्टवेयर, देहरादून

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Music by Mood. Feel Good. Best New Songs See All. City Charts See All. Top Los Angeles Apple Music. Top Atlanta Apple Music. Daily Top See All. Top Global Apple Music. Daily UK Apple Music. The tenant, who is paying the mortgage on the house they are living in, will have zero equitable interest and zero control over their own housing. Landlords need to take responsibility for themselves, not cynically shove it onto those who have literally no other choice.

Legislators: Are you listening? Or are you one of them? Julia Purdy. I teach Intro to Illustration at Champlain College, and, as an artist, illustrator and instructor, I am always excited to see an illustration on the cover of Seven Days. However, I was disappointed in the cover art for the Cartoon Issue [June 29]. In , Seven Days has hired only one woman to illustrate its cover. She illustrated four covers. The cover art on the other 28 issues, including photography, was created by men.

The cartoon cover illustration shows three superheroes at a cookout. A white man is up front, with the female off to. The combined businesses are not the Vermont public. You and your readers and I and all other individuals in Vermont — each of us is a member of the Vermont public.

Yet we are all not members of the new business that is trying to pass itself off as the Vermont public. Instead of the name sounding good, it sounds incomplete and like a theft of the concept of the Vermont public. Thomas Weiss. She has no role in the center action. There is a wonderful photo of the three people who now run it.

Why not have one of them illustrate the cover? Also shown is artwork by Rachel Lindsay, an amazing cartoonist who lives in Burlington. Why not have her illustrate the cover of the Cartoon Issue? It just seems so obvious to me. I urge you to do better by hiring a more diverse crew of artists. Teresa Celemin. In general, our art director chooses artists whose style she thinks matches the subject matter. Our freelance photographers are often assigned based on which of them is available and closest to the shoot.

Incidentally, the Cartoon Issue itself featured work by a wide range of artists. Superheroes, thank you for performing heroic actions [Cartoon Issue cover, June 29]!

You all deserve a break at the barbecue. Now just one more heroic action: Please ditch the straws and single-use cups. Superheroes have long inspired us and dealt with deep social issues. Lead the way. Bernie Paquette. Ask questions that force real answers to real issues. Seven Days can do much better.

Tim Guiterman. It is thorough, clear, well organized and extremely helpful. I am consistently impressed — but not surprised — by the quality of everything Seven Days puts out there. Deb Bouton. However, there are a few errors in the story.

Amy Alfieri at Dead Creek has been my contact person. She and Toni Mikula have made it possible for birders to gather there and do some clearing of invasive shrub honeysuckle. Seven Days wants to publish your rants and raves. Your feedback must Seven Days reserves the right to edit for accuracy, length and readability. Box , Burlington, VT For payment and pattern info: www. Vermont State University is in touch with our students.

Through research opportunities, internships, service learning, and co-op experiences, you will become an even more active and engaged citizen. The possibilities are endless with our expertise in areas like applied technology, engineering, healthcare, education, business, psychology, climate change science, computer science, and the arts. Courses, faculty expertise, and student activities are vast.

The enormous variety opens the door to a range of perspectives for you to examine and learn from. With plenty of additional sites across the state that meet students where they are and where they want to be. Geared for you with undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning ranging from in-person to hybrid and online!

Attendees enjoy tastings, family fun and live music from the Bread and Puppet brass band. Racers and relayers paddle about six miles downriver before pedaling back; events are available for participants of all ages and abilities. Audience members get their fortunes told as a group and — if they wish — individually while live music and libations flow freely. The two discuss poetry, artificial intelligence and the impact of algorithms on the human experience in a brain-expanding contemplation of art and technology.

Critic at Large Writer and cultural critic Rebecca Carroll stops by the Vermont Studio Center virtual stage for a reading dealing in themes of race, feminism and media. Despite the drumbeat of grim national and international news — from the shootings in Uvalde and Highland Park to the war in Ukraine and the assassination of Shinzo Abe — the signs remind us that there are still people here who believe in democracy and are willing to work for it.

The Challenge encourages kids to engage in their communities, learn about Vermont history and government, and follow local media. And I got two entries recently from year-old Charlotte Krueger of Jeffersonville. To complete the Challenge, participants do five activities in a row on a bingo-like scorecard; find one on page 73 of this issue.

There are 25 activities to choose from. Everyone who enters gets a pocket-size copy of the U. He and his dad stopped by on the way home from a trip to Burlington and read the historical marker about the Buffalo Soldiers once stationed there.

Nichole appreciates that the Challenge motivates her family to do and talk about things that they might If you endorse our civic-education efforts not otherwise. Or send a check with your Vermont Public, which has led to discussions of local address and contact info to: issues. Find more information and submit Corey Barrows: entries at goodcitizenvt.

Chamberlin has been meeting with concerned parents, who have taken it upon themselves to brainstorm creative ways to help recruit teachers to the Northeast Kingdom district. Those parents have spent hundreds of dollars of their own money to place job advertisements in newspapers and have posted on job boards of colleges outside of Vermont, in hopes of reaching more applicants.

Preparing for the worst, Chamberlin Orleans Central is not the only district in such a predicament. School leaders across the state say a host of factors — from teacher burnout to a shrinking pipeline of new educators and a dearth of housing — have contributed to an unprecedented shortage of teachers and support staff for. For many districts, the hiring season — which typically tapers off when school ends — will last all summer. Around 70 percent said they were overworked, burned out or missing time with their family, Chamberlin said.

Vermont officials are urging residents to take advantage of a new mental health resource in light of all the stressors they face: a global pandemic, domestic political turmoil and economic uncertainty, to name just a few. During his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Gov. Phil Scott said a new crisis hotline — reachable by dialing — will go live on Saturday, July The free, confidential service will help people who feel overwhelmed.

The signs of stress are apparent. In , there were suicides in Vermont, the most in state history and a 16 percent increase over , according to preliminary data from the Vermont Department of Health.

A suicide hotline that two years ago fielded calls a month received more than calls in January, said Alison Krompf, deputy commissioner of the Vermont Department of Mental Health. Starting on Saturday, callers will be routed to centers in Vermont that are staffed by counselors who can help people with all kinds of mental health challenges — not just those feeling suicidal, Krompf said.

This includes people simply feeling overwhelmed or anxious who need someone to talk to, she said. By offering the service, the state is signing on to a national effort. The state has been preparing for the new hotline for two years and thinks it has enough people ready to handle the calls. If not, the overflow will be handled by counselors in New Hampshire, Krompf said.

Burlington police are still looking for the shooter, who they believe knew Mubarak and killed him for reasons they have not detailed. Bullets struck the exterior walls and went through a window into a living area, where children were present, Burlington police said at the time. No one has been arrested in that case, Labrecque said. Mubarak was shot near a sidewalk just after p.

He was killed just days after being released from federal prison, where he served a month sentence on a drug conviction. No arrests have been made in that case, either, though Labrecque said the department has identified suspects.

Mubarak was well-known around the neighborhood — a smart, energetic, funny and athletic young man, his sister said.

One landlord was willing to drop the price of rent because he wanted to support teachers, she said. Other school leaders are also employing new retention and hiring strategies. The district provided a similar incentive to support staff. This gave Clark a clearer picture of who was coming back and allowed him to get a jump start on hiring for the next school year. The investment appears to have paid off. The district is more worried about hiring enough paraeducators and workers in food and property services.

The agency has also commissioned a study, due at the end of the year, to look at how the state might modify licensing regulations in order to address workforce shortages. We, the youth, demand a good education, and to have a good education, we need good teachers. Chris Hennessey, superintendent of Barre Unified Union School District, said the stress of teaching during the pandemic felt demoralizing and unsustainable to many educators.

Barre currently has vacancies for 20 licensed positions — mostly classroom teachers and special educators — that Hennessey is hustling to fill in the next month and a half. The shortage of special educators is especially problematic, he said, since school districts are required by law to provide services to students with disabilities. In typical years, most teacher hiring would be done by May, with only a few positions to fill in the summer, he said.

She spent part of her vacation a few weeks ago interviewing candidates remotely. Five years ago, Olsen-Farrell said, the district might have gotten applications for an elementary teacher position.

Having less-qualified teachers affects the quality of instruction the district is able to provide, she said. She could ask high school teachers to give up their planning periods to teach an additional course in exchange for more pay; combine two smaller classes into one; or suspend some high school courses for a semester.

Olsen-Farrell and other school leaders said one huge barrier to recruiting new teachers is the lack of affordable housing around the state. The lack of childcare providers in the region is also a concern.

Sherry Sousa, superintendent of Windsor Central Supervisory Union — which serves Woodstock, Killington, Barnard, Pomfret and Reading — said her district lost out last year on two strong out-of-state teaching candidates because they could not find housing within 45 minutes of school.

This year, the legislature passed Act , which allows retired educators to return to the classroom for up to three years without affecting their pension benefits. The Agency of Education does not yet have data on how many retirees have opted to take advantage of the program, but. A video of a woman and her service dog being turned away from A Single Pebble in Burlington went viral on social media on Sunday, prompting a backlash against the downtown restaurant.

Emma Rose McCadden said on Tuesday that she deleted the two-minute clip from TikTok after it garnered nearly 1 million views. It prompted people nationwide to post negative reviews of the Chinese eatery on Yelp and other websites. McCadden posted a follow-up video expressing appreciation for the support but asking people not to pen false reviews of the restaurant.

In the original video, McCadden could be heard explaining to Sampson that, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is illegal for restaurants and many other public venues to refuse entry to a service animal. Businesses cannot ask to see proof of disability or animal training certification; they can only ask if the animal is a service animal and what tasks it performs in that regard.

She told Seven Days she has been training her dog Jasper, a black standard poodle, for a year and a half to help with health issues that can cause her to lose consciousness.

I would have killed for some mock eel on my anniversary. Erika J. Burzon had loosed from its molars a final tangle of piranhas, leeches, and seaweed. He is vanquished at last! Griswold, our team of scuba divers having just exhumed from the depths of Lake Champlain what they claimed to be the corpse of Headmaster of Griswold H. Burzon and me, your loyal correspondent, from our kidnapping at the hands of Bezaleel Jr. Was Bezaleel Jr. The mighty squall soon made landfall—and I resolved to sit watch by Mr.

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Recall that The Frenchman, in his parting act of vengeance, had aimed to bankrupt the H. Bhakta, of course, had sensed the trick. At once I telegrammed Father Steven to prepare the confession booth of his cathedral for a shocking divulgence, roused Mr.

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The annex, which is under construction at the red stone St. Johnsbury museum, will be the first commercial structure ever built from eastern hemlock that has been processed into cross-laminated timber, or CLT. The engineered material — essentially layers of cut lumber — will be used on the floors and ceiling of the wing. Like any other wood, it lends a warm, rustic feeling to architecture.

More importantly, forestry experts in the Northeast say the wood laminate has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than other building materials such as steel and concrete, which require high amounts of energy to manufacture. Forest Center, a nonprofit organization that is working to create economic opportunities across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. Plus, Kane noted, the institution has a history of supporting innovation in the sciences.

Known for its world-class collection of artifacts and cultural items, the yearold Fairbanks Museum was the gift of Franklin Fairbanks — owner of Fairbanks Scales — to the Town of St. In its current state, the cramped museum can display less than half of its full collection, which includes a nearly seven-foot-tall taxidermied bull moose, an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and a mosaic fashioned from bugs by John Hampson, an obscure artist who worked as a machinist.

It will also act as a demo project for. Before construction began, the wood passed special tests for strength and durability at APA — The Engineered Wood Association, a forest production laboratory in Tacoma, Wash. The product consists of multiple solid wood panels layered at degree angles.

The panels are placed side by side, coated with adhesive and processed through a hydraulic press to bond under pressure, creating a material as strong and stable as steel or concrete. The technology can utilize small, low-quality logs that would otherwise go to waste.

Advocates of the technique say CLT can help bring down the cost of construction. The material can be cut to size off-site, which shortens assembly time, they say. While the hemlock CLT has generated plenty of buzz across the construction industry, no one has taken a chance to build with it before now.

When seismic shifts in the paper industry prompted mills in the region to shutter, Vermont loggers were left with few customers for their low-grade wood. Eastern hemlock is the third most abundant species of tree in the state, yet it only makes up about 5 percent of the total volume of timber harvested annually in Vermont.

Other CLT products currently on the market use highervalue lumber such as spruce and fir. Finding a new use for an overlooked species could make a huge difference for loggers such as Sam Lincoln, owner and operator of Lincoln Firm Timber Harvesting. He said three-quarters of what he harvests is low-grade timber. Vermont hemlock is used in structural components for framing but otherwise has few local purposes.

Harvesting eastern hemlock would make room for hardwood species to grow, forestry experts say. He noted that hemlock growth is advantageous for wildlife, providing cover for deer in the wintertime. Other significant challenges could slow the adoption of eastern hemlock CLT.

For one, inflation has driven costs associated with most construction projects through the roof. But Frederick and his colleagues are hopeful that the museum project may inspire construction of a laminated timber manufacturing plant in the Northeast. When that day comes, local production of eastern hemlock CLT could transform the regional lumber economy, advocates argue.

Experts say the biggest roadblock to developing a market for eastern hemlock CLT is building familiarity, especially among architects. Megan Nedzinski, project architect for the Tang Science Annex, said she. Department of Agriculture to help cover the higher expenses. Lincoln, the timber company owner, said inflation has spiraled. We really had to, you know, fully understand [the material] and work through challenges. She had been trying for years to find a client willing to use it.

To have the opportunity to build a building out of renewable material? And this includes special orders. Burlington, dailyMon-Sat. He got his first job at a supermarket during middle school to earn money for his family. Federal prosecutors, meanwhile, brought a separate charge of possessing cocaine with intent to distribute.

While detained for that offense, Mubarak pleaded guilty. In exchange for accepting responsibility, prosecutors sought a month sentence with credit for time served, which a judge imposed at a hearing in late May. Following a witness tip the night of the shooting, officers initially canvassed a wooded area north of the Old North End neighborhood using police dogs and a drone, but their search did not turn up any evidence.

Murders are rare in Burlington, and police in recent years have made arrests in every case. The most recent fatal shooting occurred in April , when year-old Steven Martin was killed after two men forced their way into his North Avenue home. In many recent instances, no one was injured. The tally in already exceeds the totals from each of the previous two years, when gunshots in the city started North End. The figures are in line with a nationwide surge in gun violence stemming from social and economic stressors related to the pandemic.

In , U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vermont had at least two fatal shootings in June, in Springfield and Woodstock. The majority of the gunfire incidents since in Burlington have not been in the Old North End, department data show, but the densely populated neighborhood has seen a large increase.

Labrecque said the department is concerned about the uptick in the Old. He said the city could help prevent shootings by better supporting vulnerable residents. A small memorial of flowers, letters and photos has been placed near the spot where Mubarak was killed.

As of Tuesday, about people had donated to a crowdfunding campaign to offset funeral expenses for the family, which Hamara said has limited financial resources. He was Ben was born in Morristown, N.

His childhood was filled with family time, during which he learned to love swimming and tennis. Through the Boy Scouts, he developed a lifelong passion for camping. Ben attended Middlebury College, where he met the love of his life, Susie, in , when they were both freshmen.

They were married in Upon graduation, Ben and Susie moved to Vermont, where Ben opened his own prosthodontics practice and was warmly welcomed into the Vermont dental community. Always very humble, Ben valued his patients, his staff and his Vermont dental community. His love of practicing dentistry led him to become a clinical instructor at the University of Vermont Medical Center General Dental Practice Residency in He found tremendous meaning in working with the next generation of dentists, including his daughter Katie, who was part of the dental residency program.

Ben was a lifelong learner and was proud to be a member of numerous professional dental organizations. Without question, Ben was a family man, and his greatest joy in life was being a father to his daughters, Katie and Janie.

He was a truly wonderful dad. He introduced his girls at a. He was a father who recognized how much he had to learn from his daughters. As Janie and Katie grew older, it was not uncommon to find them in conversation with their dad on topics ranging from dentistry to civil rights to camping recipes to feminism to cats.

Further information will follow. After retiring, Stewart began honing his photography and art skills and created many beautiful pieces that have been displayed throughout Vermont. Stewart is survived by his son, Alex, and daughter, Kathy;. He was a devout Christian, worshipping at the Cathedral Church of St. Although cultural geography was his passion, his greatest love was for his family.

Highlights of his life were when he was with family, whether it was during a rare trip across the country or a Sunday dinner in town.

A funeral service for Stewart will be held at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on July 23 at 10 a. All are welcome. At his time of retirement, he was a senior videoconferencing engineer. Survivors include his spouse, Sharie Elrick of Burlington, Vt. He also leaves two sisters, Geraldine Terninko of Southington, Conn.

Sandy Kaliscak John of Brooksville, Fla. His beloved dog Ainsley and cat Lizzy also survive him. He is also remembered by many friends and colleagues, especially those in his hockey and flying clubs. Full obituary can be found at gregorycremation. Stewart McHenry passed away in May after a long life filled with happiness.

Stewart came to Vermont in the s to teach cultural geography, first at the University of Vermont, then at many other Vermont colleges. Later in his career, he modified his course offerings to teach about Middle Eastern extremism and terrorism to future military leaders at Norwich University. Stewart graduated from the University of Chicago and earned graduate degrees in cultural geography from Southern Illinois University and Syracuse University. Stewart was a passionate learner of other cultures and.

He was born in New Haven, Conn. He first drove long haul while living in Arizona and then locally once he moved to Vermont. Jane Tudhope Shearer passed away peacefully at home on July 3, Jane was born on September 24, , to Douglas and Billie Tudhope.

She grew up in South Burlington and North Hero. In , Jane married Bill Shearer. Her days living in Shelburne were full of. Jane also loved to travel — especially to the Caribbean and to Captiva Island, Fla. She was proud to be a Vermonter and to have lived her life on the shores of Lake Champlain. She was predeceased by her sister Sandy and her mother, Billie Arrangements were made through Gregory and Son Funeral Services.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Cancer Patient Support Foundation, where Jane was an active volunteer in support of her mother, Billie. A private family memorial will be held at a later date. A beloved husband, an adored father and a great friend, Andy was exceedingly kind and levelheaded, traits he will be remembered for by all who knew him. He was born on December 29, , in Lincolnshire, England. He was steadfastly loyal to his hometown football soccer team, the Lincoln Imps, who were perennial underdogs that he rooted for all his life.

Andy was a lifelong athlete. He was an avid soccer. Robert E. In September , he married Dorothy Caiger; she predeceased him in after 50 happy years together. He served as an officer on active duty with the U.

Marine Corps for two years. Then Bob practiced law in San Francisco for five years until he decided to become a Unitarian Universalist minister. He served as minister in. Other sports he enjoyed were tennis, working out in the gym, hot yoga and pickleball. Andy had many interests beyond sports. He loved going to the cinema, reading books, visiting art museums and attending concerts.

He was always ready to travel hours to support any band that interested him, famous or unknown. His personal playlists were sought after, and he was constantly tapped to play DJ for the night.

Some of his favorite artists were. Unitarian churches in Davis, Calif. Bob is survived by three sons: in Fla. Andy loved to explore the world, which brought him to live in diverse places, including Lesotho, Bermuda, Vermont and Florida. Upon his arrival in Bermuda, he met many lifelong friends, starting with the Bermudiana Staff Club, with which he remained connected.

A few years later, he met the love of his life, Isabelle. While Isy ran the store, Andy kept his day job as an accountant, which took the family to Vermont, their home for 25 years.

In addition, he is survived by an identical twin brother, the Rev. Richard E. Senghas, of Scarborough, Maine. He was famous at the office for handling the role of Santa during the annual holiday party. His personal favorite was when he sent a companywide email announcing a songwriting competition through which the winning entry would be recorded by Paul McCartney as the new company theme song.

He received at least two genuine submissions, which proves a good British accent can get you anything. In , Bob participated in the civil rights movement in Selma, Ala. Tremper, N. He is the author of the book Cycles of Reflection and enjoyed playing the viola, having played in the Amateur Musicians Orchestra AMO and the University of Vermont Orchestra, as well as in chamber groups.

A memorial service will be held on September 10, , at 2 p. The family of David S. Morrill sadly announces his unexpected yet peaceful passing on July 3, David was well-known in Burlington and beyond for his love of life, friends, family, art, animals and dessert.

He wore a white sailor hat, a blue beard and a sparkling smile everywhere he went. He cared deeply about the. LGBTQ community and was an active supporter of many local organizations. In his year career as the senior sensory technologist at Coffee Enterprises and Coffee Analysts in Burlington and Hinesburg, David developed tests to independently evaluate the quality and consistency of coffee for internationally known companies.

Before he retired in ,. David was predeceased by his loving partner of 12 years, Glenn Sautter April ; their faithful pug Napoleon; and his father, John Morrill. Patrick Benedict; his beloved pug Lilly; and several aunts, uncles and cousins. A private burial will take place in Woodstock, Vt. Concord St. Inquiries and well wishes may be sent to info mensroomvt. David P. He leaves his wife, Marilee; his sister, Mari of Burlington; and his three children, Kristin, Stephanie and Scott, and their children.

David had two lifelong loves: his family and fun. Let us celebrate together the amazing life of Ellen Sabo Morris Bring a memory; bring a story; bring a little food to share. Bring a lawn chair, and we can sit beneath the tent and visit for a while. You may even find an Ent or two; we did! Join us from 1 p. RSVP to Barclay, bemorris gmavt.

You left a lasting legacy of love, kindness and forgiveness. You are so missed by those you left behind. Where there is deep grief, there is certainly great love. Food will be provided; please BYOB. If you have any special photos that you would like to contribute to his slideshow, please email to jennyhenningvt gmail.

For more information, or to contact us directly, visit the Facebook event page at fb. The lengthy narratives for Randolph, then went out into the world. David Zuckerman and Kitty Toll were well She returned to Vermont and dedicated done and provided a nice picture of these herself to an organization that works to candidates.

To be improve the people and fair to all candidates, economy of Vermont. Patricia Preston and Charlie Kimbell. Patricia said in just reporter Kevin her closing statement McCallum? If someone who sees that the definition of insanand will be around to ity is doing the same live the consequences thing over and over again and expecting of the policies they put in place.

Do better. Nor were we informed about the possibility of furlough release, which we cannot oppose. Now we have been told by the Vermont Department of Corrections that, with his current classification, Fitzgerald will likely be released on furlough in about six months. Alan E. Capitalizing on the sensationalized media reports and fearmongering, her opponent is engaging in a targeted campaign of misinformation straight out of the playbook of those who see their way of doing business — more than a century of a failed experiment called the criminal justice system — under threat.

I was an active participant in that failed experiment, first as a probation officer and then as a public defender. The arrest-charge-convict-and-imprison cycle of criminal justice is an utter failure. The data support that assertion. Since , George has implemented policies and practices based on research and data about what works and what keeps our communities safe.

Having your possessions stolen from your home or car is traumatizing and terrifying. We are supposed to give more to those who treat this community disrespectfully. Personally, I am tired of being disrespected and enabling people to continue to act criminally. Their problems will not be solved by turning the other cheek, over and over. Currently, those offending are just learning how easy and inconsequential criminal behavior is in Burlington.

Still, having your stuff stolen is a violation and may have lifelong impacts. I will feel safe in my community when my neighbors stop experiencing stolen bikes, cars and wallets and feel comfortable leaving their cars on the street and their homes for work. And, honestly, when there is less gunfire downtown. That is just my perception. Brooke Hadwen. I was surprised to see that U. Its readers are probably biased against me, anyway.

Criticism comes with the job. A person. Currently, there are no direct financial incentives to electrify or add solar to affordable housing. Without incentives, the cost of climate change in affordable housing lands on the people with the least ability to pay. Energy justice ought to be central to efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Policies need to take into consideration the economic burden placed on lower-income households.

Protesters calling for Burlington to defund its police department in Taking your marbles and going home is not an option. By contrast, Sen. In her eight years in the Vermont Senate and its leadership positions, Becca has demonstrated her ability to listen to different points of view, to respect and be respected by colleagues and constituents, and to craft compromises to achieve legislative results.

She is altogether ready for the tug and tussle of Capitol Hill, and she will represent us with competence, confidence and common sense. Jonathan Gibson. I have been a volunteer transporter with Green Mountain Animal Defenders for several years and just this year was trained by the Vermont Institute of Natural Science in Quechee to transport injured birds to their rehab facility.

There is more to transporting an injured animal than one might think, as one can easily inflict more damage despite good intentions such as picking up a snapping turtle by its tail, which can injure its spine. Animals that can carry rabies, such as raccoons, can only be treated by specially trained wildlife rehabbers. My major concern with this piece is that it gives the impression that anyone can snuggle a baby animal. This is dangerous. Wild animals do not want to snuggle with humans.

It can cause wild babies to imprint on humans. It can lead to humans being injured. As a general rule, leave wild animals in the wild. Thank you, Eva, for your huge compassion for animals. Alice Christian. To clarify, my company, Evernorth, is the codeveloper of both buildings. Evernorth works across Vermont with our partners, including Lamoille Housing Partnership and Champlain Housing Trust, to build the most energy-efficient and affordable housing in the state.

With each building, we make choices in the context of the climate crisis and the housing crisis. Energy justice was not discussed in the Seven Days article. To ignore the costs and affordability of energy is to ignore the need to build more housing and the inequity of those decisions on lower-income Vermonters. It sounds simple: Electrify all new buildings and add solar panels to offset the cost. That solution adds to the up-front capital costs and ongoing operating costs and results in fewer affordable homes being built.

The discussion to address climate change with building electrification needs to include solutions that address the cost burden on lower-income households. Add to this her failure to vote while she was living in Europe in spite of the fact that Americans living abroad are generally very active in American politics.

I am leery of anyone taking the vote so cavalierly. Finally, does anybody care about legislative experience anymore? Gray has served two years in a largely ceremonial executive role after riding on the strength of a Sen. Patrick Leahy strong arm. Compare this to Becca Balint, whose many years in the legislature led to her gaining the support of her fellow senators when she was made the president pro tempore of the state Senate.

Barbie Alsop. No second-guessing where Seven Days stands on Roe v. Women deserve no less than to be given any and all choices and then make what must be the most emotionally and painful decision beyond measure.

I hope Seven Days will publish independent opinions by the best and the brightest to put forth, examine and lay out the sound legal and moral arguments for and against Proposal 5. My worthless male opinion is that Prop 5 is a terribly weak legal document. Plus, there is no urgency, since current Vermont laws are firmly in the pro-choice camp. I am angered when politicians like Rep.

Peter Welch who, as a lawyer, must know how poorly crafted Prop 5 is attempt to distort Prop 5 as a divisive issue for their own political gain knowing full well that Christina Nolan and other candidates are solidly pro-choice. What I see lacking in the discussion is: At what point do we place a value on human life itself? At what point is human life recognized as the miracle it is? Do we just write a blank check, as Prop 5 appears to do, to dismiss any and all human life with unlimited impunity?

Choice, yes! But weigh in the moral value of an unborn human life! Robert B. I appreciate that the city has chosen a central location. On a cold, rainy evening, I encountered a homeless woman who regularly had to walk two miles back to her hotel from her underpaid job. The Community Resource Center will be a vital part of the shelter pod site. I visited the center recently and was struck by the sense of community there.

People greeted each other, were treated with respect by the staff and, in return, were so appreciative for the services they were receiving. A man I met there had suffered multiple losses and fallen into addiction. I live across from a group home. At times there is noise, but no more than from people who come home from the bars downtown.

Imagine transforming a parking lot into a gracious welcome, creating an environment that encourages people rather than demeans them. With the drastic increase of homeless people in Burlington and the time to house unhoused people in motels running out, we need to take a step.

The shelter pods could be a step to a more stable life for people in need. Joey Corcoran. Peter Welch D-Vt. The floor-to-ceiling windows behind Moore overlooked the darkening waters of Lake Champlain, adding to the sensation that we were all aboard a victory-bound Democratic Party cruise ship. Patrick Leahy Four candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination, including Sianay Chase Clifford, a year-old from Essex who grew up in Vermont and recently spent a year as a policy fellow for U.

Ayanna Pressley D-Mass. But Balint and Gray, the presumed front-runners, have the clearest shots at winning the August 9 primary — and in deep-blue Vermont, the Democratic primary winner will almost certainly go on to victory in the general election. In many respects, the contrasts between the two are easy to draw. Her recent television ad features a cameo by Sen. Leahy, for whom she interned as a college student. Balint, 54, the first openly gay woman to serve in the Vermont Senate, has pitched herself as an experienced policy maker with a record of leadership on the issues she has pledged to champion in Congress.

The litany of progressive reforms she has worked on during her four terms in the chamber — a bill guaranteeing the constitutional right to an abortion in Vermont; an increased.

Many of her Statehouse colleagues have lined up behind her, including a former rival in the House primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt. As a first-year representative, neither Balint nor Gray would have any real clout in Congress at the outset. The key to getting things done for Vermont, Welch said in an interview before his Hula rally, is to form strategic coalitions. Gray, who has made clear that she does not support certain progressive agenda items, such as reducing law enforcement budgets, has been playing for the votes of centrist Democrats and moderate Republicans; Balint has more appeal on the left.

But campaigns, of course, are not just about issues, and both candidates have made their personal narratives the focus of their pitch to voters. As the primary looms closer, the race has also become a contest of authenticity, or what passes for it in the public relations theater of campaigning. When Moore summoned Balint and Gray to the stage at Hula, she had another kind of contest in mind.

So my thinking. Balint promptly walked to the front of the room and started to groove. Gray, who took a moment to appear, looked as if she would rather be anywhere else. A few weeks before the Welch fundraiser, the Gray campaign held its own rally at Hula, in the same room where the dance-off between Gray and Balint would ultimately not take place. Gray, who lives in Burlington, operates her campaign out.

As lieutenant governor, Gray has few formal duties beyond presiding over the Senate and appearing as a functionary at official events; like many LGs before her, including Dean and Gov. Phil Scott, she has used the post as a perch from which to cultivate a rapport with the public and launch her political career.

Based on her travels, she produced a nine-page report of recommendations on workforce development, housing, childcare and paid family leave, broadband, and mental health. While Gray may have spent her days in the Senate chamber during the legislative session, they argue, she has never participated in creating or passing legislation.

Gray and her allies have countered that passing bills in D. I know how Congress works. I understand the legislative process. Gray asked if he would meet with her. Dean had been close with her uncle, the late U. So he got together with Gray, he said, and asked her whether she had considered starting her political career with a less ambitious run — say, for the Statehouse.

Dean, who heard the exchange on the radio, was floored. Her superpower, in other words, is her ability to hold her tongue.

Is it problematic, I suggested, that Sanders can be grumpy and abrasive and remain beloved, while Gray, a young woman, has to modulate herself so as not to alienate potential voters? But Dwyer is backing Gray, she explained, because she believes that Gray possesses the experience in Washington and the interpersonal skills to succeed in a fractured House. She would come across people from all walks of life there. But that same year, a paid family and medical leave bill died on the Senate floor, and Gray was furious.

Near a display of Wiffle Ball bats, she chatted with thirdgeneration owner Dan Fraser about the need to invest in water and sewer infrastructure to build more rural housing. In the checkout line, she discovered, over the course of a two-minute conversation while paying for her iced tea, that she had attended elementary school in the same upstate New York town where the cashier had grown up.

A first-time candidate, Chase Clifford grew up in Essex, where her parents, who met in Liberia, moved after the outbreak of the Liberian civil war. After her fellowship in Rep. The lone man in the race, Meyers, 66, interned for the late Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy as a junior high. He said he thinks he can offer a valuable perspective, as a doctor and an avid reader, in Congress. However, as an Assistant Attorney General, I witnessed firsthand the impact of firearms in the wrong hands.

Chase Clifford has impressed at debates and generated considerable buzz, but her lack of a fundraising apparatus. There was no press release put out about it. She just came because she cared. As Gray has noted countless times on the campaign trail, she was literally born on 4 Corners Farm in South Newbury, a acre vegetable and dairy operation, which has served as the backdrop for both of her television ads.

Welch, whose law office was in Hartland, would occasionally stop by to pick strawberries. As Gray got older, her job was to keep the farmstand stocked with produce and flowers and work the cash register.

Molly was like that duck that glides across the pond smoothly but underneath is paddling furiously. Molly was a head-down, get-the-job-done kind of person.

Balint was born in Germany, where her father had been stationed as a U. Army captain. Two years later, the family returned to civilian life in upstate New York, where Balint spent her childhood and adolescence. Their family.

Once, a security guard asked them to vacate the grounds of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts when he found them having an unauthorized picnic. In middle school and high school, Balint struggled with the knowledge that she was gay.

She said her father, especially, impressed upon his children that they should do their best to blend in, which Balint now attributes, in part, to the fact that his own father, a Hungarian Jew, was murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust. In fact, Balint demonstrated a penchant for drawing attention to herself from a young age. One of her longtime friends, Michael Kahan, first met Balint in eighth grade, when the two performed together in a musical called Sing Out, Sweet Land, a piece of midcentury agitprop set to various American folk tunes.

Any of youse got one? But underneath that bubbly surface, Balint said, she struggled with crushing, near-suicidal depression.

Balint eventually saw a counselor, and before she left for Barnard College, she came out to a small group of friends, including Kahan. It would take a few more years for Balint to come out to her parents, who, Balint said, are fully supportive of her now. But that aspiration, she said, felt out of reach to her as an openly gay woman.

Following an unhappy year and a half at Barnard, Balint transferred to Smith College, where she found her niche on the crew team. In , the couple bought a house in Brattleboro, where they still live. The same year Balint and Wohl bought their house, Balint gave birth to their first child, Abe.

Three years later, when Wohl gave birth to their daughter, Sarah, Balint opted to stay home again — a decision, Balint said, that ultimately boiled down to which partner had better health insurance. A few years into this arrangement, Balint, who had never imagined herself as a stay-at-home mom, felt existentially adrift.

She said she entertained various harebrained schemes — opening a doughnut shop, selling handmade elbow-length mittens for children, bottling homebrewed switchel. None of these possibilities sparked joy.

And she answered the whole question. Found in the Solen collection, S. To her astonishment, she won, defeating former Vermont secretary of agriculture Roger Allbee by just over votes. But she also put in the miles, on her car and pounding the pavement, to get in front of people. She ran a half-marathon in her campaign T-shirt. She went door-to-door. Balint loves to talk to people, a tendency that frequently causes her to fall behind the rest of her campaign team on parade routes.

She has an uncanny ability, he said, to cut to the quick of a situation. And she knew all those details because she knew people on the Hill very well. Upon graduating in , she landed a prestigious clerkship under then-judge Peter Hall on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the bench for which Sen.

Leahy had nominated her uncle, Bill Gray, before his death in Northern Vermont University offers outstanding academic programs — along with fantastic support for transfer students, and fully online degrees through NVU Online, too. Applications for fall for transfer and NVU Online students still accepted — meet with us and apply by August In a display of the ambition for which she has been both criticized and praised, Gray, who had passed the bar just two years earlier, applied for the job.

In September , Gray was named cocounsel in a controversial murder case against Aita Gurung, a man who killed his wife with a meat cleaver in Burlington. Then-attorney general T. Gray told me that she asked to be removed from the case because of a philosophical disagreement. She declined to elaborate on this point. Her task was to comb through historical records and work with a consultant on a restorative justice process for the victims.

House race. Between and , Gray did not vote in four national elections. During her lieutenant governor campaign, her. Gray has continued to rebuff the suggestion that she misled voters at that debate.


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