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Adobe is always a great place to start when you’re looking for premade puppets. It presents over 20 example puppets on the home screen of Character Animator, and selecting the See More option on the homepage will give you access to an additional 37 example puppets to choose from.

Adobe offers varying types of puppets, including animated seasonal backgrounds, clay puppets, talking heads, imaginary characters, and more. To download a puppet from Adobe’s website, hit Download , extract the ZIP file, and double-click on the extracted puppet file to open it in Character Animator. All of the puppets offered by Okay Samurai are completely free of cost, making it an excellent place to find Character Animator puppets.

Okay Samurai is so reputable that even Adobe refers to it as an alternate resource for Character Animator puppets. Okay Samurai also offers blank templates for you to create your own custom character in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. These templates can be found at the bottom of its puppet download page. Related: Adobe Illustrator vs. Photoshop: What’s the Difference? Premiere Pro Simple Creative Stomp.

Premiere Pro Animated Arrows Overlay. Premiere Pro Parallax Sliced Transitions. Premiere Pro Modern Minimal Titles. Premiere Pro Glowing Logo Reveal. Premiere Pro Writing on Outline Title. Premiere Pro Flicker Titles. Premiere Pro 15 Modern Transitions Pack. Premiere Pro Double Fireball Title. Premiere Pro People and Human Infographic. Premiere Pro New Modern Typography. Premiere Pro Arc Overlays. Premiere Pro Glitch Overlay Titles. Premiere Pro Infographic Maker with Percentage.

Premiere Pro Sliding Title Text. InDesign Infographic Presentation Layout. Premiere Pro Rising Particles Title. Premiere Pro Mesh Warp Transition. Premiere Pro Dynamic Smoke Transitions. Premiere Pro Clean and Minimalist Titles. Also includes a background image. A photographed stuffed animal turned into a simple puppet with a few replay poses.

Watercolor character with simple and three view walking animations. Camping monster with dynamic expressions and a burning marshmallow. Narrator style character with parallax, eye and mouth triggers and physics hair. Papercraft style character with face parallax, physics hair system and clipping mask. Used in the Red Monster Live Broadcast. This complex puppet has automatic camera changes, overlay graphics and several animations. Green Monster with head turns and a fire breathing animation.

Insanely complicated robot with walk cycle, secondary head, weapon hands, blend modes and more. Robot authority figure with a waveform mouth and triggered moustache.

Bank machine with a single head group and triggered pupil changes. Pivoting nutcracker jaw robot. Female robot with hand swaps and a triggered body screen. Great example of hair physics. Cassandra has multiple strands of independent dangle hair and a separate background hair group. Simple human character with Photoshop and Illustrator versions. Superhero with dangling hair and cape as well as fire powers with lighting effects. Adobe recently launched full body tracking. While we prefer to control puppets with replays and triggers, full body tracking is an interesting alternative to create an animated performance.

Here are several full body puppet rigs you can download and experiment with now;. Cheerful Fox character with full body tracking and expressive triggers. Female and male anime characters with full body tracking enabled. Stylized female characters with body tracking as well as body turning. Try turning your body left and right to see them rotate. Full body character with an animated cycle layers pencil outline drawn in Adobe Fresco. Test out walking and dancing.

Still not satisfied! Another great place to grab free puppets is the Adobe website , where a new FREE puppet is released every month! Here are some for you to consider;. Whimsical real life puppet turned into a 2D puppet. Created by Keith Lovik. Sports fan with megaphone, tee shirt cannon and signs. Created by Renegade Animation. Goth themed character with walking that can be changed into a girl or boy via triggers.

Created by Emily Watts. Drone flying character sitting on a park bench. Created by Konee Rok. Four sports mascot characters with head parallax and unique triggers. Created by Kevin McMahon. Physical puppet alien with head turns, a unique layer picker mouth, and flashing button triggers. Created by Dovid Taub.



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Iveta Pavlova Iveta is a passionate writer at GraphicMama who has been writing for the brand ever since the blog was launched. Eliza Watercolor character with simple and three view walking animations. A source of high-quality vector graphics offering a huge variety of premade character designs, graphic design bundles, Adobe Character Animator puppets, and more. From there, extract the downloaded ZIP file, and double-click the puppet file to open it in Character Animator.


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