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Best 2D Games To Try On This Winter – Updated .The Best 2D Games On Steam

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6 World Of Goo: 8 Stardew Valley:


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Rory’s Restaurant: Winter Rush. Dots Extreme. The Silent Age. Sparkle 3: Genesis. Chicken Rush Deluxe. Dyna Bomb. Mad Cars. Flappy Bird New. Call of War: The Enthralling Realms: Curse of Darkness. Underwater Puzzle. Age of Japan. Mad Dojo. Marble Run 2D. Aqua Bubble. Ghost Sweeper.

Larva Mortus. Robin’s Island Adventure. Spoiler Alert. The graphics were great at the time, and that blood, gore, and violence were never seen before in a video game. So if you have a strong stomach, and want a brutal fighting experience, prepare to chop off heads, rip spines and kick your enemies down into the pit to impale them. I must be joking, you think? No, I am NOT joking. Shovel Knight draws inspiration from the old-school side-scrolling games, boasting that graphics that lies between 8-bit and bit.

The Cave is much more than your ordinary 2D game. In real life, Spelunker is a man who explores the caves for various treasures, and Spelunky is all about that. Great news, right? Nevertheless, Spelunky is a great platformer, that will make you think about every move you make. Hollow Knight amazed me with its story, the first time I played it. Aside from the cartoonish graphics, Hollow Knight boasts smooth gameplay and great fighting mechanics as you explore an abandoned kingdom of Hallownest.

The point here is to crawl through the dungeon below a gothic mansion, and then explore the dark and dangerous underground. You have several heroes that you control, and the crucial point here is their stress levels, which have an impact on overall performance in combat and exploration.

You can also get the game for the Android platform , and expand your field of play, which is great to know. Dead Cells brings back that old-school 2D fighting, that we all love. Its graphics look phenomenal for the game, and having in mind that the game is in early access, I mean… wow!

But, be careful because there are those bosses that are unforgiving, and will punish every mistake you make. Inside follows a small boy who finds himself at the center of a dark project. He must escape, keep his head down, solve puzzles, and try not to become whatever the people around him already are.

This game has been a hit with critics and players alike , mainly due to its intriguing visuals, beautiful soundtrack, and unsettling atmosphere. However, despite its creepy look, it’s a joy to play and experience.

At its core is a puzzle-solving platformer that will engage, shock, and enthrall until the very end. Promoting itself as a sci-fi simulation that is perfect for any fans of Firefly, Dwarf, and Dune Rimworld is a management sim where you can build, manage, develop and watch relatively simply drawn characters live their lives in this interesting world. The game itself is adorable and undeniably addictive, you’ll find yourself watching the hours fly by when you fully get into this wonderful game.

Maybe it’s the beautiful soundtrack that will send you into a sort of game hypnosis. Or maybe it’s the simplicity and easy play style that just allows you to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Nevertheless, when each playthrough is as unique and exciting as any other, a few hours on this unique world will let you understand why this has the rating it does.

Hollow Knight is an absolute classic, but it’s surprisingly only given a rating of 87 on Metacritic, which isn’t as high as many fans think it deserves. Nevertheless, this game absolutely deserves to be ranked as one of the greatest 2D games on the market currently.

The hand-drawn artwork is enough to grant Hollow Knight a rating of 87, but this game has so much more available for fans and new players to love. Ultimately, Hollow Knight is a stunning adventure game with music that will immerse and soothe the soul at the same time.

It has some relatively challenging controls but once you get used to them and fully appreciate the game, it’ll become one of your top titles. Speaking of classics that everyone loves, this wonderful game has won the hearts of millions. After its final update, many new fans and seasoned players flocked back to Terraria, boosting it to a rather impressive rating of 88 on Metacritic.

It isn’t just the rating that proves Terraria is a game worth checking out – it’s the mods, the artwork, the controls, and the gameplay that will win over anyone interested in a 2D sandbox adventure. It’s one of those games that you just know will never get old or boring. You can get lost in Terraria and, because of the many updates, you’ll never run out of things to do, bases to build, and bosses to fight. Were it not for the success of other independent games like Castle Crashers and Limbo, the world may never have been blessed with Moon Studios’ fantastic debut title Ori and The Blind Forest.

It was the success of the aforementioned games that finally encouraged Thomas Mahler to leave his position with Blizzard Entertainment and, together with Gennadiy Korol, form the fledgling game studio.

Their first release is one of the most visually impressive games of the decade, with its bright colors and individually crafted backgrounds offering up a real treat for the eyes. The rest of the game’s components are just as well-realized and together they combine to create what can only be described as a breathtaking experience. With more than one million copies sold and countless award nominations to its name, Celeste is one of the real indie-game success stories of the past few years.

The bulk of the game was created by a team of just four people, whilst the foundations on which the final release was built were laid in just four days as part of a Game Jam event. Understandably, the 8-bit art style may not be to everyone’s taste, but to older gamers, at least, it will likely serve as a welcome reminder of a bygone era. That said, the color palette is far more adventurous than some of the 2D games of yesteryear and really helps to bring some of the game’s beautiful backdrops to life.

It controls well, features a wonderful soundtrack from Lena Raine, and provides plenty of challenge without ever feeling too unfair. Limbo is the type of game where you will die on multiple occasions, but nevertheless, it is a relatively short game. This doesn’t mean it isn’t meaningful, although the ending may feel it on the first run. It’s the type of game that requires a few separate runs to really appreciate what is happening but is still unique and enjoyable to play.

Similar to Inside , Limbo has a dark and creepy atmosphere with moody lighting and simplistic drawings. However, it is more of a dark puzzle-platformer that constantly trolls you as you struggle through the world of Limbo to save your sister. Everyone knows about Cuphead so it’s no surprise that it has a score of 88, no matter how infuriating it may be.

Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game that places you into countless challenges with boss battles. Which, while frustrating, is incredibly rewarding when you succeed.


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